Alumiinium, sinu sädelev sõber Alumiinium, sinu sädelev sõber
NB! The page featuring songs from Alumiinium, Sinu Sädelev Sõber (uploaded by the band) at last.fm is under the name Alumiinium. Alumiinium, Sinu Sädelev Sõber (which is still the official name of the band, the English translation being 'Aluminium, Your Glittering Friend') is an Estonian band formed as a project by Allan Vainola and Andres Aule in December 1994 in Tallinn. The most active period of Alumiinium was in the years 1995–1998, when they released the CD single 'Taivaankoski' (1997) in Finnish for Finnish radio stations and the tape album 'Zeig' (1998), which consisted of 12 tracks.

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