Vo: 揺紗 (華族 → THE KIDDIE)
Gu: 淳 (パラレル → Giglle (as ジュン) → 繚華 with Wicked Children (Support) → リスミー華族 (as ヂュン) → THE KIDDIE)
Gu: 佑聖 (VANDALIZE → Le:ciel (as Yuki) → マルル (as きるぁ) → THE KIDDIE)
Ba: そらお (Shelly~Jazz Rock Children~ (as そら) → THE KIDDIE)
Dr: ユウダイ (ギブス → CODE NAME (as ユウ) → 華族 (as ゆう) → THE KIDDIE) THE KIDDIE is a 5 member Visual Kei band from Tokyo, Japan . The band formed in May of 2007 and held their first live on July 1st at Meguro Rockmaykan. Their first single, Little SENOBI, was released in October of 2007.

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