Milić Vukašinović Milić Vukašinović
MILIĆ VUKAŠINOVIĆ was born in Belgrade, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia), on March 9th 1950.
At the age of 13 he moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he started his career as a drummer and from 1963 - 1977 he played drums in numerous bands, such as "Plavi Dijamanti", "Čičci", "Mića, Goran i Zoran", "Indexi" i "Bijelo Dugme".
In 1977 he formed his own hard rock trio called "Vatreni Poljubac", where he appeared as a guitarist, singer and complete songwriter.
He recorded 9 studio albums with "Vatreni Poljubac" and 5 solo albums.

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