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BaBe BaBe
There are seven groups with this name. 1* Babe (Grandmothers) is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia.
2 * Babe is a Finnish Eurodance group.
3* Babe is a rock band from Sankt Augustin, Germany.
4* Babe is a "girl-next-door" pop act from Berlin, Germany.
5* Babe is a Dutch girl band.
6* Babe is an American pop punk band affiliated with Teenage Prayer.
7* BaBe - with both "B"s capitalized - is Tomoko Kondo (近藤 智子) and Yukari Nikaido (二階堂 ゆかり), a Japanese pop duo who notably sang the end theme for the anime "Project A-Ko 3". (* See also: BaBe)

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