Pause Pause
1: Pause is a bay area band featuring Ed Boland/Jeb Edwards that has released records under the Kuma-chan label. Pause are 7 singers and musicians with :
Guizmo & Tof : vocals
the Babar/Seb duo : bass/drums
Toma : keyboards
Oliv’ & Daniel : guitars Don't forget the friends crossed here and out (M'Panada), invited on the album
: the Mister Gang coppers / Tryo, Brice from Les Fils de Teuhpu, Fred of Magma, a part of Gnawa Diffusion, Imhotep from I AM, Timike from le P’tit Dernier / Mister Gang, Pablo from le P’tit Dernier, Laurent Zeller, Manu, Danielito from Tryo etc...

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